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Are you an independent consultant or entrepreneur looking to thrive in your profession? Look no further! Welcome to the Independent Consultants Network (ICN)—where purpose meets profession.

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Our goal is to create a community that supports and empowers independent consultants, while also providing businesses with access to top talent.

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There are numerous benefits to joining ICN including pro tips to propel your sales funnel from pitches to proposals, featured value-add partnerships, recommendations on contracts to payment processing. We are committed to help you make each first impression count. 

Your independent consulting business needs to evolve. That’s where a partnership with the Independent Consultants Network (ICN) makes a difference.  No two consultants are exactly alike. Your business deserves an online experience that focuses on your unique consulting services.  When you partner with ICN, you get listed on our industry directory, get access to professional tools like a client management system and so much more to help support and grow your business.

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Core Values

Service.  Integrity. Accountability.
We were designed to empower others and give back to the community.  We pour into our local area by; fostering authentic relationships, engaging community members meaningfully, and tie the ICN community to key business objectives. We accomplish our calling in two ways:

  1. by pouring into our local community via friends, neighbors and faith-based organizations.
  2. guiding business owners into prosperity through selfless influence and positive impact.

We believe true prosperity is about influence and impact. That is our purpose.


Visibility. Credibility. Profitability.
To maintain a network of reliable professionals that help each other remain accountable while assisting businesses in identifying and mitigating risks. Encourage one another and build each other up. And, create strategies that increase profitability and ensure businesses make informed choices that prevent costly errors. 


Honesty. Humility. Trust.
To connect business owners with honest, trustworthy and dependable independent consultants to help them solve problems and make sound decisions.

In our endeavor to help businesses find the right independent consultant, our core values, goals and mission serve as fundamental principles and framework that guide our members’ behaviors and interactions.

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